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Feel Confident In Your Numbers This Tax Season!

How To Get Your Receipts Ready For Filing Taxes

(Even If You've Skipped Doing It the WHOLE Year)!


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Learn the exact steps to organize your tax deductions, so you can feel confident at tax time and avoid any penalties.


Selling your handmade items is fun!

No doubt about it.

But when it comes to taxes you don't want to get the IRS on your bad side. 
There are a few reasons why gathering up and separating your receipts and business documents is so IMPORTANT!



Having your receipts organized helps make your bookkeeping and taxes a lot easier.



If you happen to be one of the chosen ones (aka... you get audited) you'll need your books to be ready and accurate!

Maybe you're a bit behind on your bookkeeping...

or maybe you don't know where to start.

That's okay...

Because we're going to get you feeling confident in your numbers come tax time!

We'll start by getting all those receipts and documents sorted and systemized.

Next, you'll have a system you can enter your transactions month by month and keep up with the books so it doesn't become an overwhelming task come tax season.

My FREE Tax Deductions Checklist will help you get organized.

Here is what's included when you download the Tax Deductions Checklist:
 Tax Deduction Checklist 
The Tax Deducations Checklist will help guide you through separating your records into the right expense categories for easy entry into your accounting spreadsheet or accounting software.
 Guide For Getting Started
  We're going to make sure you're
set up for success!
 We'll guide you through the steps of getting your records organized and provide you with some helpful tips to make it a bit easier and a lot less overwhelming!

Hi, I'm Katie Fisher

I'm the founder of Creative Balance, a community where creative business owners learn and connect. 

I created this free guide to help people just like you get clear on deductions and best practices.

Growing my creative business (I make hair for Cabbage Patch dolls) has been a game changer for me and my family...

And this Tax Deduction Guide comes from 10+ years of tax firm and business ownership experience.

Grab the Tax Deduction Checklist Now!

Be confident in your numbers this tax season.

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