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Don't Get Caught With the Bill!

Understand How To Charge Sales Tax

(No matter who you sell to or where they live)

Sales tax can be scary to charge and confusing to calculate. This guide makes it easy peasy. And it's free!

Selling your handmade items is fun!

No doubt about it.

But when it comes to collecting sales tax, do you know what and how to charge so you don't get in trouble or end up owing a ton? 

My FREE Sales Tax Guide walks you through each step. 

Here is what's included:
Etsy Sales Tax Tips
Selling your products on Etsy? Way to go! You're on your way to having extra cash flow! We'll tell you what you need to know about how Etsy handles sales tax.
State by State Breakdown
When it comes to selling at craft fairs/festivals, laws vary by state. We simplified things by providing the key points for each state in the United States.
Craft Fair Sales Tax
Selling at a craft fair? One of my favorite places to show off my creativity! Here is a rundown of key information to keep in mind when selling your handmade items.

Hi, I'm Katie Fisher

I'm the founder of Creative Balance, a community where creative business owners learn and connect. 

I meet a lot of creatives that want to make money for real from their handmade or crafty business, but they don't know how.

And they waste a lot of time and money fumbling around with numbers. This 16-page guide shows you how to charge sales tax for various occasions like craft fairs, Etsy, online, and others.

Growing my creative business (I make hair for Cabbage Patch dolls) has been a game changer for me and my family, and this sales tax guide comes from 10+ years of tax firm and business ownership experience.

Grab the Sales Tax Guide for Creatives now, so you can be sure to cover your behind!

Learn how to charge sales tax the right way.

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